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Litigation challenging new fossil fuel projects and companies is a growing, and promising, mode of civil society-led climate action. But this type of litigation faces complex hurdles. Redline has been developed to meet the needs of the legal community to have easier access to the growing body of research on fossil fuel supply in the context of climate change. 

Redline is a database of key scholarly, non-legal research papers and reports, much of it drawn from the academic literature. It provides easily digestible summaries, which also highlight potential applications of the research in fossil fuel litigation. 

By providing this free-to-access database, we hope that public-interest lawyers and their clients will be able to draw on the latest evidence to support successful legal proceedings against fossil fuel projects and companies. 

A recent example of where research evidence of this kind was used in a legal case against Shell in the Netherlands, in which we were involved, can be found here.

Our Team

Project Leads

Fergus Green

Fergus Green

Lecturer in Political Theory & Public Policy

Department of Political Science and School of Public Policy, University College London

A political theorist, public policy expert and lawyer, Fergus has published extensively in leading journals on the governance, ethics and politics of restricting fossil fuel supply, and on climate change mitigation more generally.

Before academia, Fergus was a lawyer in Australia specialising in climate regulation, and later a Policy Analyst & Research Advisor to Professor Nicholas Stern at the London School of Economics & Political Science, where he also completed his PhD.

Steve Pye

Steve Pye

Associate Professor in Energy Systems

UCL Energy Institute, University College London

Steve is an energy systems researcher who has published extensively on transitions to low carbon energy systems, with a particular interest in fossil fuel phase out.

His widely read 2021 article in Nature titled "Unextractable fossil fuels in a 1.5°C world" argued for leaving the majority of fossil fuels in the ground. He is currently an author on UNEP's Production Gap report.

Database Team

Darren Moore

Darren Moore

Business Owner

Darren Moore is a business owner who has a passion for creating sustainable solutions that make a positive impact on the environment.

Darren also carries out carbon footprinting services for national and international financial institutions with his company One Point Five Degrees. Darren helped realise the concept of the Redline database and developed the platform to power it.

Pooja Upadhyay

Pooja Upadhyay

Research Assistant

Pooja Upadhyay provided invaluable research assistance to the project leads, drafting the summaries of the papers contained in the database and the content of the category pages.

Pooja currently works as the wildlife and conservation officer at a London-based NGO.

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